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Mentorship Program

Medical Students

Join your AMP RFMs for quarterly zoom mentoring sessions as they cover topics such as:

  • “Preparing for the application process” including what to expect from away rotations, prepping your MS3/MS4 schedule, extracurricular activities and research that look good on an application; 
  • “Intern year Introduction (what to expect, tips and tricks)”;
  • “Preparing your ERAS application and interviewing for Med-Psych/FM-Psych/Neuro-Psych”; and 
  • “Why Med/Neuro/FM-Psych? (What can you do as a career, where are grads now, etc)” 

Come with your questions and our resident panelists will come with all their knowledge from their experience in getting through the application process. 


Register for the Events

Residents / Early Career Physicians

Residents and early career physicians may have specific goals for how they envision a combined medicine-psychiatry career, yet local mentors may hard to find. The Association of Medicine and Psychiatry is eager to help! Our mentorship programs provide AMP members with a unique opportunity to connect residents with graduates of combined training programs, and early career physicians with dually-trained physicians in later stages of their careers.

YOU MUST BE A CURRENT MEMBER TO PARTICIPATE IN THE MENTORSHIP program: Medical Students, please click above to register for our quarterly group mentoring sessions.

If you are interested in applying to the mentorship program as either a Mentor or a Mentee, contact AMP Staff at One on One Mentorship is only for Residents/Early Career Physicians.