Elective Medical Student Rotations

Many combined residency programs offer a combined elective to visiting medical students that provides exposure to what life is like in a combined program. Some of the rotations may include, for example, experience in Med/Psych or Family Med/Psych clinic or on a Med/Psych unit. Some may also give exposure to didactics and conferences specific to combined trainees. These rotations, while not necessary to apply to a combined program, can help solidify or clarify one’s interest in combined training.

To search for combined rotations, visit VSAS https://apps.aamc.org/vsas/public.html#/find-electives and search for the specialty of “Internal Medicine/Psychiatry”, “Pediatrics/Psychiatry/Child and Adolescent Psychiatry”, “Psychiatry/Family Practice”, and “Psychiatry/Neurology”. 

It is also recommended to search medical schools which have combined programs as the rotations will be listed under those schools. 

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