QTc monitoring in adults with medical and psychiatric comorbidities: Expert consensus from the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry

Congrats to our collective brain power and countless collegial hours. 

Special thanks for Aaron Pinkhasov's antipsychotic table, Dustin DeMoss's work with antidepressants, Jeff Rado's and other’s feedback on the algo; back and forth edits from many individuals especially Jane Gagliardi, Heather Huang, Ani Annamalai, John Onate, Shannon Suo, Thomas Heinrich, E. Vanessa Spearman, Michael Lang, Marsha Stern, David Karol, Jed Mangal and Zeina Saliba; and most importantly Jess Fiedorowicz's extra encouragements and careful edits.  This guy takes last minute call well into the night.  - Glen Xiong.

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