News From ANP3SM From Our AMP Correspondent in Paris


Xavier Preud’homme, MD

As of its 9th edition in 2011, I have had the privilege to participate each year in the meeting of the ANP3SM in Paris (except in 2013 when it was held in Marseille) either as one the AMP French speakers (with Sarah Rivelli, Zeina Saliba, or AMP’s President Jeff Rado), or as a moderator or just a contended participant.

The ANP3SM Stands for Association Nationale de Promotion des Soins Somatiques en Santé Mentale, the National Association for the Promotion of Somatic Care in Mental Health, a French scientific society with whom the AMP has signed a Treaty of Amity (ANP3SM). This society regroups the corpus of internists and generalists working within the mental healthcare system in France (their presence is mandatory by law in any psychiatric hospital for example) and who quickly came to the realization that psychiatric patients suffered from worst health-related outcomes than non-psychiatric patients, a fact they found, like us, intolerable.

Under the leadership of Professor Djea Saravane, an oncologist and pain specialist, the ANP3SM has been at the forefront of battling for the improvement of the global care of psychiatric patients. They have achieved this by being very active on at least three different fronts.

  1. The ANP3SM has publish several recommendations of evidenced-based good practices for the management of somatic health and/or pain of patients with severe psychiatric co-morbidities and have been involved in several national commissions within the public French healthcare system. Some of their propositions have been successfully incorporated into French laws.
  2. The ANP3SM has been active within superior education offering specializations, for example, in pain in mental health (DIU Diplôme Interuniversitaire - Douleur en Santé Mentale) or in Liaison Psychiatry and Somatic Care in Mental Health (DIU Diplôme Interuniversitaire – Psychiatrie de Liaison et Soins Somatiques en Santé Mentale). Please follow the links for more information on those programs or to generate ideas for ourselves in the US (DOULEUR EN SANTE MENTALE and PSYCHIATRIE DE LIAISON ET SOINS SOMATIQUES EN SANTE MENTALE)
  3. The ANP3SM also holds its extremely popular 3-day scientific meeting at the end of June, usually with half time dedicated to somatic care in mental health and the other to the detection, prevention and management of pain in mental pain as well in autistic children and adults. These meetings always offer a diverse experience and as such are fun to attend. They define what a multidisciplinary meeting can be. Each year amongst the speakers and the public are internists, generalists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, occupational and physical therapists, dentists, podiatrists, nutritionists, psychologists, and patient as well as family representatives, in addition to representatives of hospital administrations, and a few politicians as well as renowned Chairs of Department of Psychiatry who pass by to show their support.

Planning for the next meeting always starts around a meal in a restaurant as illustrated in this photograph taken in Montrouge in June 2016 with (from left to right) Christine Coquaz, Dr. Frédérique Gignoux-Froment (a GP in the French military and now also a psychiatrist) and Pr. Djea Saravane, devoted members of the meeting organization committee including for 2017.

I am thrilled to attend again this year and cannot wait to hear our own AMP speaker Dr Zeina Saliba who will speak on Women’s Health. A couple of years ago she presented on diabetes and her talk was really well received. They also meet in a very nice place at the Maison Internationale in the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, a large park with several residences representing many countries and developed in 1925 after the World War I in order to create a meeting place for students, researchers and intellectuals from around the world to promote unity and friendly cooperation in the spirit of peace, a concept that resonates well today (CIUP). The CIUP is just north of the park Montsouris in the 14th arrondissement one of the 4 largest parks in Paris designed as an English landscape garden (Parc Montsouris).

Please find hereafter the link to their program for their 15th meeting (ANP3SM June 2017 Program) that will be held on Wednesday June 21st 2017 through Friday June 23rd. Note that the registration fees will increase after April 3rd 2017. As if you needed more reasons to go, note that the 21st of June is also the day France celebrates music with its Fête de La Musique offering free concerts of all sorts of music everywhere throughout Paris and for 24 hours (Fête de La Musique 2017).

Like in any scientific meeting, the ANP3SM welcomes posters (see information in their program) and I can help residents from any of our dual programs translate their work in French, print and bring their posters if accepted (ATTENTION deadline is May 2nd 2017). For Duke I hope our residents will gather one poster on the use of ketamine for pain in three patients who survived violent suicide attempts and its impact on their depressed mood, and another on how treating pain contributed to improving hyponatremia, a cause of SIADH that is often underestimated.

This year also celebrates the first year during which the ANP3SM has been headed by its new President, Dr Nabil Hallouche, Praticien Hospitalier au Centre Hospitalier Maison Blanche in the 10th arrondissement. By the way, and I recommend you sit for this with a glass of French wine, follow the link to see how beautiful their buildings are, and to learn more about the territorial organization of public mental health as well as about the breadth of (medpsych) services they offer, something that should inspire our own White House (Maison Blanche). Below a photograph of Dr Nabil Hallouche (left) listening to Pr. Djea Saravane (right) after he thanked him for the extraordinary work he has accomplished and the society he has created and after he communicated at the ANP3SM General Assembly his desire to continue fighting for the establishment of health as it stands in its most global definition by the WHO in 1946. On their right is Aude Evrard from COMM-SANTE who can be credited for the incredible organization of their annual meeting for more than a decade (ANP3SM’s equivalent of our Chris Stockton).

I would like to finish my adventures as the self-proclaimed AMP correspondent in Paris, by paraphrasing Dr. Hallouche from his first ANP3SM Newsletter back in July 2016: “this has been a good year where the link between mental health and somatic health was strengthened when local French mental health organizations recognized its importance, however the ultimate progress will only be achieved once it will no longer be necessary to emphasize the strong relationship between mental health and somatic health because both will be merged into one entity called health” (ANP3SM Newsletter #9).

A bientôt, depuis Paris...

Xavier Preud’homme - Duke Medpsych Program Graduate 2006 Cell 919-698-6128