Cincinnati FMP Update

Cincinnati FMP Update

Greetings all! Spring is here in Cincinnati and things are looking bright! We are thrilled to welcome our two new interns to-be, Darshana Battacharyya and Aruna Puthota. Congratulations to all who matched this year. We are all part of the AMP combined family.

Our combined training faculty has grown this year, as we have brought Dr. David Karol (IM-Psych Duke University) to our inpatient psychiatry consult service and our VA primary care program. He has been a wonderful addition and great teacher, adding an invaluable perspective on the current world of creating combined career paths.

In other news, Hilja Ruegg (PGY-5), our very own Fenton award winner, will likely be joining the University of Cincinnati this Fall with joint roles in psychiatry, family medicine and FMP administration. She plans to focus on collaborative care, and will be working at the McMicken homeless clinic- our most integrated FMP community continuity site. Her presence here will be an incredible asset, and we are so happy that she will be continuing to share her knowledge and compassion with students, residents and faculty.

On more scholarly lines, Elizabeth Beckman (PGY-3) has dedicated herself to women's health. She will be co-leading a presentation on Prenatal Group Care at STFM this year, and has an elective in Maternal-Fetal Psychiatry at Brown this coming Spring. Libby, along with Shanna Stryker (PGY-3), also attended this years' ISSHWSH (International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health) conference, and would recommend it to all! Diabetes group visits are also starting up in our family medicine center thanks to Hilja Ruegg and Nick Wittry (PGY-4), and will likely be expanding soon!

FMP Monthly Meetings: This year we have focused our monthly meetings on the reading of "Integrated Care: Working at the Interface of Primary care and Behavioral Health" by Lori E. Raney. The ensuing discussions have been a way to hone our attention and practice of integration as we move through our training worlds, and help to guide ideas for future work possibilities. To this end, we have also been attempting to incorporate more career planning discussions with alumni via video chat and in person; they are an incredible asset.

From Cincinnati, good luck to all upcoming graduates as they finalize their new career plans this Spring!!!