Annual Meeting 2021: Schedule

Thursday, September 30, 2021
12:00p-1:00p EST
Executive Council Meeting
Zoom Meeting
1:00p-2:30p EST
Council Meeting
Zoom Meeting
2:35p-3:35p EST
Caucus Meetings
Zoom break out rooms
  • Training Directors
  • Integration of Psychiatry into Primary Care 
  • Med-Psych Unit Corsortium
3:40p-4:40p EST
Committee Meetings
Zoom break out rooms
  • Annual Meeting Committee
  • Global Health Committee
  • Membership Committee
  • Research & Scholarly Activities Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Outreach & Advocacy Committee
  • Medical Student Committee
  • Early Career Physician Committee
  • Resident Fellow Member Committee
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee
4:40p-5:10p EST
Break – Visit Sponsors & Exhibitors
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5:15p-6:15p EST
1st Live Virtual Poster Session
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6:30p-7:30p EST
2nd Live Virtual Poster Session
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7:45pm-9:00pm EST
AMP’d for AMP Virtual Dinner (separate registration & fee)
Chef Morduchowicz & Mary Beth Alvarez, MD
Zoom Webinar

Chef Morduchowicz will virtually show you how to make a wonderful delicious pizza and mixiologist Mary Beth Alvarez, MD will show you how to make a delicious cocktail.  

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Friday, October 1, 2021
9:45a EST
President’s Welcome – Thomas Heinrich, MD
Zoom webinar
10:00a-10:40a EST
Ethics and Short-term Global Health Experiences
Matthew DeCamp, MD, PhD
Zoom webinar

Matthew DeCamp, MD, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Center for Bioethics and Humanities and Division of General Internal Medicine.  A practicing internist, health services researcher and philosopher, Dr. DeCamp employs both empirical and conceptual methods to identify and solve cutting edge problems at the interface of health care, policy and bioethics. Special emphases of his research include engaging patients in health care organizational decision-making, ethical issues in the use of social media, “Big Data,” and global health (with a focus on short-term global health ethics​). 

10:45a-11:25a EST
Disparities in Emergency Psychiatric Care Among Black Americans: A Closer Look at Triage and Restraint
Colin Smith, MD
Zoom webinar

Colin Smith, MD is currently a resident in Duke’s combined Internal Medicine-Psychiatry residency. He earned a bachelor of science in Biology-Neuroscience from Sacred Heart University and his MD from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences under the aegis of the Indian Health Service. He is currently a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. Colin is investigating racial disparities in mental health services at Duke University Hospital.

11:30a-12:10p EST
Utilizing Skills of De-escalation and Engagement to Mitigate Disparities in Crisis Presentations to the Emergency Department
Tony Thrasher, DO, DFAPA
Zoom webinar

Dr. Tony Thrasher is a board-certified psychiatrist employed as the medical director for the Crisis Services branch of the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division.  He received his psychiatric training from Washington University in St. Louis / Barnes Jewish Hospital.

He is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and he currently serves as the Milwaukee Chapter President for the Wisconsin Psychiatric Association (WPA).  Additionally, he enjoys teaching in a volunteer academic position with the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) and serving as the President Elect for the National American Association for Emergency Psychiatry (AAEP).   Looking into 2021, Dr. Thrasher is the editor for Oxford Press pending new publication….. “Primer on Emergency Psychiatry.”

Most recently, he was awarded the Golden Apple Teaching Award by the MCW Department of Psychiatry as well as being recognized as a “Top Doctor” by Milwaukee Magazine for 2018.  He is also proud to lead a multidisciplinary state wide task force encompassing leaders in both psychiatry and emergency medicine (WPA / WACEP) to address system improvements for the patient experience and other stakeholders!

12:10p-12:35p EST
Break – Visit Sponsors & Exhibitors
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12:40p-1:20p EST
Surviving Residency during a Global Pandemic: Lessons Learned in the Time of COVID
Martha Ward, MD
Zoom Webinar

Martha Ward, MD, is the first graduate of Emory’s combined training in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry. She joined Emory faculty shortly after residency, with appointments in the Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and General Internal Medicine. With the assistance from the Fitzgerald Foundation, Dr. Ward created a collaborative primary care clinic located in the Behavioral Health Outpatient center at Grady Memorial Hospital. In this clinic, she serves the complex medical and psychiatric needs of patients that previously had no continuity of medical care, and provides a unique training opportunity for students and residents. Dr. Ward’s clinical and research interests are in systems of integrated care and the role of psychiatrists in addressing physical wellness.

1:25p-2:05p EST
The COVID-19 Pandemic, the Ghanaian Perspective
Joseph Bennin, DO
Zoom webinar

Dr. Joseph Bennin is a Specialist Physician and medical entrepreneur.

2:10p-2:50p EST
Reimagining mental health care for young people in the US: Lessons from the Global South
Vikram Patel, MBBS, PhD
Zoom Webinar with a live presentation

Vikram Patel, MBBS, PhD is The Pershing Square Professor of Global Health in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He is an adjunct professor and joint director of the Centre for Chronic Conditions and Injuries at the Public Health Foundation of India, honorary professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (where he co-founded the Centre for Global Mental Health in 2008), and is a co-founder of Sangath, an Indian NGO which won the MacArthur Foundation’s International Prize for Creative and Effective Institutions in 2008 and the WHO Public Health Champion of India award in 2016.

He is a fellow of the UK’s Academy of Medical Sciences and has served on several WHO expert and Government of India committees. His work on the burden of mental disorders, their association with poverty and social disadvantage, and the use of community resources for the delivery of interventions for their prevention and treatment has been recognized by the Chalmers Medal (Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, UK), the Sarnat Medal (US National Academy of Medicine), an honorary doctorate from Georgetown University, the Pardes Humanitarian Prize (the Brain & Behaviour Research Foundation), an honorary OBE from the UK Government and the Posey Leadership Award (Austin College). He also works in the areas of child development and adolescent health. He was listed in TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential persons of the year in 2015.

2:50p-3:10pm EST
Break – Visit Exhibitors
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Innovative Models
Zoom Webinar

3:15p-3:40p - Creating a Low-Barrier, Harm Reduction Addiction Medicine Center in Iowa ~ Allister Wilton, MD

3:45p-4:10p - Leveraging Crisis: Addressing the Opiate Use Disorder Epidemic Across the System ~ Mary Beth Alvarez, MD & Julie Owen, MD

4:15p-4:35p - A Machine-Learning Prediction Model for Proactive Psychiatric Consultation ~ Rachel Kishton, MD

Saturday, October 2, 2021
9:00a-10:30a EST
Medical Student Round Table Talks
Zoom meeting with breakouts

Virtually sit with other medical students as dual-boarded physicians rotate to your table answering your questions and sharing about their combined journey and career.

10:30a-11:30a EST
Medical Student Session - The 411 on Applying and Interviewing for Combined Residencies
Zola Francis, MD, (R1, IM-psych MUSC), Aisha Lott, MD, (R2, FM-psych BMC), Dan Hedayati, MD, (R5, FM-psych UPMC), Moderated by Ashlin Szalanki, MD
Zoom meeting

The 411 on Applying and Interviewing for Combined Residencies - Obtain expert advice about what to expect and how to best prepare for combined program applications and interview season.

10:30a-11:30a EST
Resident Session - A Look at Diversity in Combined Training Panel
Zoom meeting
11:30a-12:00p EST
Break - Visit Exhibitors
12:00p-2:15p EST
Residency Fair
2:30p-4:30p EST
Vignette Presentations
Zoom webinar

2:30pm-2:45pm - The unusually quiet patient. A rare cause of dysphonia in a behaviorally complex patient ~ Peter McCann, MD

2:45pm-3:00pm ~ A New Approach to Polygenic Polydipsia – Jackie Hsieh-Wong, MD

3:00pm-3:15pm - An Unusual Case of Acute Renal Failure in a Patient with Comorbid Schizophrenia ~ Veronica Wright, MD

3:15pm-3:30pm ~ Stuck and Silent – Nathan Scheiner, MD

3:30pm-3:45pm ~ Are You Going to be My Psychiatrist?': A Pediatric Continuity Case – Eduardo Garza, MD

3:45pm-4:00pm ~ A Case of Psychosis Misdiagnosis – Daniel Hedayati, MD

4:00pm-4:15pm ~ Drooling, Stiff, and Mute! - Sherry Liang, MD

4:15pm-4:30pm ~ A Challenging Case of Failure to Thrive - Andrew Kern, MD

4:30p-5:00p EST
Members Business Meeting
Thomas Heinrich, MD
Zoom webinar
5:00p-6:00p EST
Thomas Heinrich, MD
Zoom Webinar