AMP Members Present at Society for General Internal Medicine (SGIM): Joining Forces-Internal Medicine and Psychiatry

Three Med-Psych trained junior faculty described the evidence for integrated or collaborative care in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. Dr. Heather Huang gave an overview of integrated care. She then discussed integrated models and reviewed the evidence for these models in the outpatient setting. This was followed by discussion of needs assessment and plan for implementation that she led at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Dr. Charles Hebert described the evidence for inpatient collaboration and how this could be leveraged in his institution, Rush University, to decrease hospital stays and improve outcomes. Dr. Natasha Cunningham described an outpatient collaborative care intervention that she has implemented at Duke University and some of the early benefit in decreasing hospitalizations and ED visits for high utilizers. A discussion was held with the audience regarding the potential for integration at their institutions, how to elicit stakeholder buy in and potential barriers to implementation.