2022 Vignette Abstracts

Resident Vignette Abstract Submission Guidelines

Association of Medicine and Psychaiatry Annual Meeting

Clinical Case Vignette Competition:
The clinical vignettes are meant to highlight cases involving medical-psychiatric overlap that have one or more of the following attributes:

  • They are rare diseases
  • They highlight unusual presentations of common disease
  • They illustrate an important principle about diagnosis or management
  • They demonstrate an innovative and/or integrated approach to the management of a patient with co-morbid medical and psychiatric disease

The rules of the vignette competition are as follows:

  • Case Vignette submissions are invited from residents of combined residencies (Internal Medicine/Psychiatry, Family Medicine/Psychiatry, Neurology/Psychiatry or Pediatrics/Psychiatry/Child Psychiatry) with an identified faculty mentor.
  • Vignette abstracts must be submitted in the format described below, and should include an introduction, a brief description of the case, and a brief discussion of the importance and educational merit of the case.
    • The abstracts will be reviewed by 2 independent reviewers and up to 10 vignettes will be chosen for presentation.
    • One abstract will be chosen for presentation per residency program. Residency programs may submit more than one case vignette. The case presentation judged to be of best quality of those submitted by the residents of the residency program will be chosen for presentation. However, if after choosing one abstract per program, additional presentation slots are available in the competition additional abstracts (maximum of 2 per residency program) will be selected.
    • Abstract submissions must be received before Monday, June 27, 2022. Authors’ of abstracts accepted for the clinical case vignette competition will be notified by the beginning of August 2022.
  • Vignette presentations will be limited to 10 minutes
    • Presenters will be given a warning when 2 minutes are remaining and again when 30 seconds are remaining.
    • Presenters who go over the 10 minute allotted time will lose points when being scored for the competition
    • Presenters who go beyond 12 minutes will not be allowed to continue their presentation as time constraints will not allow presentations beyond this time limit.
    • There will be a 5 minute period of audience questions and discussion following the presentation.
  • Vignettes will be judged on the following criteria:
    • Clarity of presentation (15pts)
      • Concise, well organized, and complete
      • Verbal presentation
      • A/V materials
    • Significance (15pts)
      • Clinically important
      • Contributes to knowledge
      • Interesting
    • Relevance to clinical practice (15pts)
      • Unique overlap between medicine and psychiatry
      • Use of evidence-based methodology as applicable
    • Quality of Q&A and discussion period (5 pts)
    • Adherence to time limit. (-2 pts for 31-60 seconds over, -4pts for 61-90 seconds over, -6pts for 91-120 seconds over, -8 pts >2minutes over)
  • A prize will be awarded for the first place vignette
    • Free admission to the next annual AMP meeting for all residents of the winning combined residency program

Tips for presenters:
Preparing a vignette presentation:
Useful tips are available on the ACP website at

Writing an abstract for submission:
Preparing a vignette presentation:
Useful tips are available on the ACP website at

Resident Vignette Abstract Submission Form