2021 Innovative Models for Integrated Care Abstract

Award Currency:
  1. Presentation (30 min) at the Annual Meeting
  2. 2021 meeting registration waived
  3. Award announced and recognition certificate presented at the meeting
  4. Facilitation of submission of the model description for publication in Current Psychiatry
  1. To recognize the most innovative clinical services for integrated care;
  2. To foster competition for the presentation and publication of the best models of integrated care; and
  3. To promote AMP as the forum for the presentation of innovative models of integrated care
Criteria for Selection:
  1. Innovative: creative or novel integration of medicine and psychiatry practices
  2. Important: adds clinically significant approach to existing approaches to integrated care
  3. Generalizable: may be adopted or modified for use in other settings, includes suggestions for implementation
  4. Commitment to present if selected

Submission Deadline: Friday, June 11, 2021 @ Midnight (PST)