• 2015 Annual Meeting
    October 2-3, 2015
    Hyatt McCormick Place Hotel
    Chicago, Illinois

2015 AMP Annual Meeting: Update

A record number of participants traveled to Chicago on October 2-3 to attend the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association of Medicine and Psychiatry and learn about combined training and practice and integrated care.  We welcomed 69 students and 63 residents among the total of 247 participants!

Keynote speaker Susannah Cahalan kicked off the meeting with a moving and incisive account of her own experience with behavioral manifestations of a then-little-known diagnosis and set the tone for a two-day meeting packed with information to inspire and inform training and practice in combined medical and psychiatric disciplines.  Amidst plenty of opportunities for networking and meeting like-minded healthcare providers passionate about providing care to the whole patient, participants learned about autoimmune encephalitis, women’s integrated health, psycho-oncology, and some of the nuts and bolts and practical considerations in implementing integrated care.  Once again there were eight excellent Resident Vignette presentations.  This year our 2015 AMP Lifetime Achievement awardee and AMP Past-President James Peden provided a touching and thought-provoking account entitled “You’ve Got to Be Pulling my Leg: My Experience as an Oncology Patient.”

Congratulations to the following award winners:

  • 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award:
    Dr. James Peden (East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine)
  • 2015 Martin Fenton Award (to a resident who exemplifies the spirit of MedPsych):
    Dr. Hilja Ruegg (University of Cincinnati FP-Psych)
  • 2015 AMP Service Award:
    Dr. Rachel Robitz (University of San Diego FP-Psych)
  • 2015 First Place Poster Award:
    Dr. Trinadha Pilla (Southerin Illinois University IM-Psych)
  • 2015 First Place Resident Vignette Competition Award:
    Dr. Jennifer Stolin (UPMC STM/Western Psych IM-Psych)


With an emphasis and firm grounding on the patient experience, the 2015 Annual Meeting served as a great motivator for those wondering about the possibilities in their future careers as well as those already committed to the mission.  We look forward to continuing to build on the awesome momentum built up by AMP over the last seven years during the 2016 Annual Meeting, during which AMP will celebrate its SILVER (25th) anniversary!  The meeting is provisionally scheduled to take place in Chicago, IL, on September 30 through October 1, 2016.  Additional details will be available soon, but it’s a great idea to save the date now!


  • During the meeting the Global Health Interest Group formed and has plans to get to work!  If you are interested in being included in communication about this group, please contact our executive director, Chris Stockton, at manager@assocmedpsych.org to have your contact information added to the list.
  • The Members-In-Training committee is seeking applications from interested residents who would like to be MIT Council Representatives!  If you are interested in applying, please contact Chris Stockton at manager@assocmedpsych.org so he can put you in touch with Dr. Rachel Robitz.
  • Any Early Career Psychiatrists (ECPs) who are interested in being more involved in AMP should contact: Dr. Vanessa Spearman and Dr. Jennifer Donovan.
  • AMP is seeking members who are interested in helping to spread the word about combined training and care on a national basis!  Not only is it good for the organization, but it could help your professional development if you are able to go to the APA and/or Institute for Psychiatric Services meetings and present information about primary care in psychiatry (or vice-versa).  If you would be interested in being considered to present in this way, slide sets and presentations are available for some of these talks, and Dr. Jeffrey Rado (our newly-minted president) is interested in hearing from you.  Please let Mr. Chris Stockton (manager@assocmedpsych.org) know you are interested, and he will get you in touch with Dr. Rado.
  • Did you attend the 2015 annual meeting?  Have you provided your evaluation?  If not, please go online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2015_AMPMeeting and rate the meeting (and give suggestions for next year!).  The survey will close by mid-October.


Doctors for the Whole Person Movie from john onate on Vimeo.